Bittybox is computer hacker slang for
an old, slow, underpowered computer.
When I ran across this term, it seemed
like the perfect analogy for my project!

The Bittybox project began on my home
computer, using Digital Performer audio
recording software and a bare bones
assortment of gear.

Although I had many years of experience with the Macintosh computer &
graphic arts software, I had no previous experience with music programs.
I had to learn as I went along, so progress was at first very slow.

Eventually I learned the wisdom of seeking out other people to contribute
their own special knowledge & talents. The project is much better for it!


The creative process can be very mysterious,
and "Smalltime" has taken some unexpected
turns. The first music to really capture my
attention was swing from the big band era,
but it's been many years since I was an avid
listener. I was surprised when this influence
turned up in a number of the songs.

Many of the song lyrics deal with my own struggles to come to terms with
life as a creative person, but I hope the words will have a broader more
universal meaning as listeners interpret them through the filters of their
own individual experience.

Smalltime really came alive once I got help from the many creative people
in the credits below. I am forever grateful for their wonderful contributions.

Personnel on the Smalltime CD are:

Vicki Silbert: Songwriting, Vocals,
Sequencing, Additional Guitar Tracks

Final tracking & mixes engineered by
Myke Aaron, of SoundCubed Studios
in Hollywood, CA.

Additional tracking by Jim Watson of
Sonic Blender, Santa Monica, CA.

Ken Lasaine: Electric Guitar
Novi Novog: Viola
Maurice Gainen: Sax & Flute
Dennis Murphy: Electric Bass
Trevor Ware: Acoustic Bass
Jimmy Paxson: Percussion & Drums
Jim Watson: Additional Drums

"Smalltime" was self-produced and self-financed. It took an incredible amount
of determination and perseverance to get it finished. I really hope you like it!

Vicki Silbert,

Vicki Silbert

Vicki Silbert has been involved in some aspect of the
arts most of her life. She was a sculpture major in
college (a very practical career choice), graduating
with a BFA degree from Otis Art Institute.

She worked various odd jobs from sculpture foundry
technician to waitress, while trying to solve the age
old artist's dilemma of how to keep the bills paid but
still have the time & energy to produce art.

Vicki discovered music during the Los Angeles punk rock movement. It was
a highly charged time, when energy & expression took priority over polished
musicianship. This "anything goes" atmosphere gave many creative people
the courage to pick up instruments who otherwise might never have done so.

Her band Dogma Probe saw little success during the 6 years they played the
clubs, but Vicki felt she had found her artistic calling as a singer songwriter.
This eventually led to her current project "Bittybox".

In addition to music, Vicki freelances as a graphic artist. She is also
half of the art duo "Rust Collective" whose website will debut later in 2007.